More than an asset database, model the operational significance and dependency on spaces, systems and assets, and monitor risk and condition in a very visual and intuitive way.


Apps to ensure that the completeness and accuracy of your asset data remains, avoiding the costly and arduous task or re-surveying every five or so years.


Quickly create digitised interactive models of your portfolio, with information overlays, and incorporating 2D and 3D floor plans and media.


Quickly create checklist apps for your mobile devices that allow your teams to quickly complete inspections and checks.

Life cycle planning

The most intuitive and powerful life cycle planning tools available allow you to quickly generate detailed life cycle plans and risk profiles for your portfolio.


Powerful tools to manage and visualise the scheduling, completion, and remedial works associated with statutory and non-statutory compliance inspections and tests.

Asbestos Management

Cloud-based register of asbestos inspections and ACMs with tools to integrate such data with your operational activity to ensure it is accessible to those that need it.

Works Authorisation & Permitting

Online permit to work solution to automate your works authorisation request and approval workflow, together with the management of permits and certification.

Maintenance Management

Manage and visualise reactive and planned maintenance, following either standard maintenance schedules, or dynamically reflecting the changing condition, resilience or operational significance of your systems and assets.


Advanced tools to operate a modern facilities helpdesk, supporting self-serve and online chat, as well as the management of voice and email requests.

Resource Scheduling

Manage the scheduling of activities of one or multiple teams, including the attendance of supply chain partners and management of SLAs.

Document Management

Store and share your documents and files, ensuring better integration with the operational activities being performed within your property portfolio.