We are a digital property technology company that develop & provide space and asset management software to organisations with medium to large estates.

The INVIDA software platform is a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that is used by leading universities, museums and galleries, retailers and public-sector organisations.


optional platform modules allow you to configure the platform to match your requirements


A dynamic and powerful helpdesk and task management solution for a wide range of service requests and planned activity, with tools to monitor and control the service delivery of multiple internal and external teams.


A central point for your portfolio asset renewal and replacement planning. Visual and financial models highlight asset performance, condition, age and risk to support the rapid generation of medium and long-term plans.


CORE is the heart of the INVIDA platform, providing an intuitive and advanced space and asset database and full administrative control of the platform. CORE includes the powerful INVIDA Mobile Survey App used as part of validation and condition surveys.


Comprehensive management and recording of statutory and non-statutory compliance. Tools to schedule and monitor periodic inspections and tests, including the gathering of related documentation and management of remedial activity.


A cloud-based repository that can be used to store and share various digital documents and files. All media can be assigned to spaces, systems or assets within your portfolio to better connect with your operational activities.