Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Customers pay a one-off set-up fee, then a monthly subscription to use the INVIDA platform

We provide a standard subscription agreement that sets out the service you can expect from us, the ownership of your data and how we protect it, the financial terms and all the commercial stuff. We have a minimum subscription period of 12 months.

We aim to give cost certainty, but also flexible use of the platform:

  • Unlimited user accounts (we want the whole team to access the platform);
  • No transactional charges (we want to encourage use);
  • We avoid charges based on the amount of data uploaded or stored

The scale and complexity of our customer’s property portfolios varies massively. In order to keep our pricing simple and transparent we calculate your charges based on the scale of your portfolio (usually internal floor area).

Yes, you can procure your subscription to INVIDA through the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 11 framework.

Our standard pricing, terms and conditions, together with standard call-off agreements can be found at:


Please contact us if you need any assistance, or to speak to our other clients that have experience using the framework.

No, the INVIDA platform is provided to you following a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means you just need a standard web-browser, access to the Internet, and a subscription to use the service.

Very much YES.

All of the Invida team have worked in the property and facilities industry for many years. We understand the importance of getting systems set up correctly – from the outset having clear and shared goals, and involving the right people in decision making and mobilisation.

Part of our service is us working closely with you to collate any existing asset and maintenance data, and cleanse and import that data if necessary. We will consult with you, and guide you, on your required configuration of the system, and always be on hand to offer advice and training for the duration of your subscription.

Your subscription gives you access to our technical help desk during normal business hours.

Your subscription provides you with an unlimited number of accounts. We will work with you during the mobilisation phase to understand general numbers.

You will be given an Administration account with tools that allow you to create, manage and remove as many user accounts as you need.

The subscription also allows for user accounts to be given to third-party organisations such as service providers and contractors.

The INVIDA platform will immediately support the control and management of your assets, even if you have no existing asset records!

Our survey tools and apps allow your team, or service providers, to quickly and easily begin to gather or verify your asset information. Our risk management tools will guide you as you establish records, helping you to prioritise operationally significant areas or systems, in addition to managing vital statutory and health & safety priorities.

Alternatively, we have building and asset templates for a number of building/sector types, that can allow you to quickly build indicative models of your portfolio, that can be optimised as data becomes available over time.

Your situation is not uncommon, and we have experience in implementing asset management strategies that have varied starting points.

Technical stuff

The INVIDA platform is hosted on secure servers by Amazon AWS.

This gives Invida and it’s customers word-leading reliability, flexibility, scalability, performance and security.

We currently host client instances in Amazon data centres in London, Dublin and Frankfurt, and can be flexible to reflect any client organisational preference.

No, each account we create for clients has it’s own client specific server instance and database providing segregation of your data, and ensuring the processing performance of your instance of the platform is not impacted by any high volume transactions being carried out by our other clients.

Client materials are stored on an SQL Server 2014 database, allowing for data to be easily exported in a standard format as required. Persistent data storage is possible and all data is backed-up with disaster recovery and resilience measures in place.

We will work with you to put in place necessary archiving strategies, and any requirement to periodically export data.

The platform is available with 99.95% uptime.

Our web applications support standard web browsers including: IE10+, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari.

Yes, we are able to integrate to other applications such as Room Booking or remote CAFM systems.

We have a standard suite of prebuilt and documented Json/RESTful APIs which can be used by clients, or third parties to interact with INVIDA.

In addition, we are willing to work closely with customers or software providers to develop bespoke integrations where required.

Yes, the INVIDA platform supports SSO.

To date our experience is with the Shibboleth/UK Federation system, but the platform is also ADFS ready. If Azure AD was a prerequisite, we have the option to move the hosting of your instance to Azure.

There are currently two INVIDA apps designed to interact with the INVIDA platform.

Both the INVIDA Mobile and INVIDA Resolve apps are designed to operate on the Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

We currently have no plans to develop apps for the Windows Mobile platform.