the Invida recipe


Bring together Garry Metcalfe (previously Inviron CEO and Ernst & Young Midlands Entrepreneur of the year) and Chris Butchart (the brains behind Inviron DNA software – BIFM Customer Service award winner). Mix in many years of Industry experience to leverage practical industry knowledge whilst carefully discarding a number of established ways of doing things, replacing them with more innovative solutions to the shortcomings and failures of current offerings.

Add in two experienced software engineers, Tom Harvey & Chris Terry, who just also happen to be from the same bag of ingredients, Inviron, (both Proptech savvy, having designed & developed cloud based software solutions) and you have the main ingredients of InVIDA.

Now, source the best technology (the tools of creation) and you have all of the ingredients for InVIDA.

Directions for making

Bring all the ingredients together in an office in Birmingham and work the ingredients vigorously for a year. Allow to settle, (keeping a keen eye on the needs of Property Managers & Owners not simply those of Service Providers).

Now serve the first Lifecycle ‘Beta’ product (early 2016) and (quite naturally) ask your first potential client to try it.

Finally, blend in the additional ingredients provided by InVIDA’s first potential client, intu (Owner of 14 of the largest shopping centres in the UK) and you have InVIDA’s first product – Life Cycle Manager.

Using the same formula, add more recipes; Survey Manager, Compliance Manager, Task Manager, and more to come…